Communication/Publication Support in HEOR


Our Communication/Publication Support services encompass strategic planning, post-publication activities, collaboration facilitation, publication plan development, and knowledge translation.

With a focus on effectively communicating research findings, we develop strategic publication plans, support post-publication activities, foster collaboration between professionals, create comprehensive publication plans, and translate complex research into accessible formats.

These services are integral for disseminating HEOR research, enhancing collaboration, promoting evidence-based decision-making, and facilitating knowledge translation in the healthcare industry.


Protocol Writing

We understand that the art of Protocol Writing is more than just crafting documents – it’s about shaping the future of healthcare through meticulous planning, scientific expertise, and ethical integrity.

Our Protocol Writing services encompass a spectrum of critical elements, from developing comprehensive research protocols to ensuring regulatory compliance and facilitating collaboration with key stakeholders. With a commitment to scientific rigor and ethical conduct, we empower researchers and decision-makers to navigate the complexities of HEOR with confidence.

Technical Reports

From data analysis and interpretation to statistical modeling, evidence synthesis, Health Technology Assessments (HTA), and budget impact analysis, our services are designed to unearth meaningful insights and inform strategic decisions. We dig deep into healthcare data, employing advanced statistical techniques to extract actionable insights that drive real-world impact.

At Anlitiks, we understand the critical role that Technical Reports play in shaping the future of healthcare. By synthesizing evidence, evaluating technologies, and assessing budgetary implications, we empower stakeholders to make informed decisions that drive positive outcomes for patients and providers alike.

AMCP Dossier Writing

Our AMCP Dossier Writing services are tailored to provide comprehensive, evidence-based information that empowers healthcare decision-makers (HCDMs) to navigate complex coverage, reimbursement, and formulary placement decisions with confidence.

From the development of meticulously crafted AMCP dossiers to the synthesis and organization of evidence, our services are designed to streamline the communication of the clinical and economic value of drugs, tests, or devices. We adhere to evidence-based medicine principles, ensuring that each dossier presents a clear and concise overview of a product’s value proposition.

Through electronic submission methods, we streamline the transfer of evidence directly into Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committee submission monographs, facilitating an efficient review process.

IRB Submissions

Our suite of IRB Submissions services encompasses a range of essential elements, each systematically designed to uphold ethical standards, protect participant rights, and ensure regulatory compliance. From protocol development and review to study monitoring and reporting, our team is dedicated to facilitating a seamless and transparent process for our clients.

We recognize that IRB submissions are not merely bureaucratic hurdles but essential safeguards in the pursuit of ethical research. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond compliance to encompass a genuine dedication to advancing healthcare outcomes and policy development through rigorous and ethical research practices.

Abstracts, Posters, Manuscripts

From crafting concise abstracts to designing visually compelling posters and developing detailed manuscripts, we specialize in every aspect of communication in HEOR. Abstracts serve as succinct summaries of research studies, providing a snapshot of objectives, methods, results, and conclusions for broader dissemination. Poster presentations, on the other hand, are visually engaging platforms that showcase key aspects of HEOR studies at conferences, symposiums, and scientific meetings. And when it comes to manuscript writing, we excel at developing comprehensive narratives that delve deep into the background, study design, data analysis, results, discussion, and conclusions, ready for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

Material Compliance Support (Annotations, References, Binders)

The suites of services that we provide are designed to enhance the quality, credibility, and accessibility of HEOR materials for decision-makers and stakeholders alike.

Annotations are detailed insights provided for materials like research reports, publications, or dossiers, offering clarity on key points and data. References play a crucial role in supporting credibility by accurately citing sources and studies used in HEOR research. Meanwhile, Binders serve as organized repositories, compiling documents and references for easy access, review, and distribution.

Our services ensure that all materials produced adhere to regulatory standards and best practices, empowering decision-makers with credible and accessible information. Join us as we elevate the standards of compliance in HEOR research, one annotation, reference, and binder at a time.

Discover how our healthcare support services can streamline your research dissemination for maximum impact.