Health Economic Modeling


Our health economic models are meticulously crafted tools designed to evaluate the health and cost outcomes associated with new healthcare interventions.

We at Anlitiks play a pivotal role in demonstrating value for money and estimating budget impact, essential for achieving payer reimbursement within Health Technology Assessment (HTA) institutions. Additionally, these models help extrapolate outcomes beyond clinical trial durations and capture all health and cost consequences over defined study horizons.


Cost Calculators

At Anlitiks, we specialize in estimating cost-effectiveness, calculating ICER, considering WTP thresholds, utilizing cost-effectiveness planes and frontiers, and assessing strong and extended dominance. These tools play a pivotal role in guiding decision-making processes for healthcare interventions.

  • Estimating Cost-Effectiveness
  • Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio (ICER) Calculation
  • Willingness-to-Pay Threshold
  • Cost-Effectiveness Plane and Frontier
  • Strong Dominance and Extended Dominance

Retrospective Database Analyses

We prioritize transparency and methodology, ensuring full disclosure and detailed reporting for credible results. Our focus on study design and bias elimination enhances the credibility of analyses, while attention to data privacy and quality meets ISPOR recommendations. With a commitment to validity, we provide recommendations for robust inferences, making our service essential for informed decision-making in healthcare interventions.

  • Transparency and Methodology
  • Study Design and Bias Elimination
  • Data Privacy and Quality
  • Recommendations for Validity

Cost-Utility/Effectiveness Models

Our cost-utility/effectiveness models ensure rigorous selection of health states and model types, utilizing specialized software for simulation. We conduct uncertainty analysis and verification/validation exercises to enhance accuracy and reliability, ensuring robustness in health economic evaluations.

  • Selection of Health States
  • Model Types
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Model Verification and Validation

Budget Impact Models

Our services encompass model development, data input analysis, validation, and ongoing maintenance to provide accurate and reliable tools for healthcare decision-making. We specialize in constructing robust economic differentiation models tailored to meet diverse country needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in budgeting and decision-making processes.

  • Budget Impact Models (BIM)
  • Data Inputs
  • Model Validation
  • Model Maintenance and Support

Cost Consequence Model

Gain valuable insights into the financial implications and broader impacts of healthcare interventions and programs through our cost consequence model. Through Cost Consequence Analysis, we provide decision-makers with insights into both the financial implications and broader impacts of adopting specific healthcare interventions and programs.

  • Counselling Services
  • Healthcare Interventions
  • Patient-Oriented Outcomes
  • Community Engagement Programs

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