Health Economics & Outcomes Research


We are a trusted partner for organizations seeking to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare strategy and value assessment. With our team of professionals and experts in HEOR services, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project we undertake.

Our comprehensive HEOR solutions drive informed decision-making and value demonstration. As leaders in the field, we offer tailored services to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders in the healthcare industry. With Anlitiks by your side, you can confidently chart a course towards optimized healthcare outcomes and enhanced value.


Systematic and Targeted Literature Reviews

Our systematic and targeted literature reviews are systematically crafted to abstract vast clinical research into actionable insights. Designed with scientific method, these reviews ensure reliability and reproducibility in research findings. Our targeted reviews include therapeutic topics within HEOR with a scientific and transparent approach, providing a comprehensive understanding of the literature landscape in particular domains.

We follow a transparent approach, adhering to established guidelines like PRISMA, to tailor reviews to client needs. With a team of skilled professionals versed in evidence-based methodologies, we deliver precise and reliable outcomes. Leveraging automation and structured workflows, our reviews handle the increasing volume of scientific literature efficiently, enhancing quality and speed.


Surveys serve as indispensable tools in capturing real-world insights, unraveling patient narratives, gauging treatment efficacy, and guiding pivotal decisions within the realm of Health Economics & Outcomes Research.

A few major types of surveys that we are provide are:

  • Patient Surveys
  • Healthcare Provider Surveys
  • Payer Surveys
  • Stakeholder Surveys
  • Real-World Data Integration

Preference-Based Outcome Models

Our HEOR services utilize tools such as EQ-5D, cost-utility analysis, PROs, and HTA to measure health outcomes, assess treatment effectiveness, and evaluate cost-effectiveness. These models are essential for quantifying patient preferences and informing decision-making in healthcare strategy.

  • Preference-Based EQ-5D Models
  • Cost-Utility Analysis
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs)
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Value Communication

Discrete Choice Experiments

Our DECs services encompass a variety of offerings, from valuing health and non-health outcomes to predicting real-world healthcare decisions and investigating trade-offs. DCEs are crucial tools in health economics, enabling us to understand individual preferences, evaluate healthcare intervention value, and guide decision-making in the healthcare sector.

  • Valuing Health and Nonhealth Outcomes
  • Predicting Real-World Healthcare Decisions
  • Investigating Trade-Offs
  • Developing Priority Setting Frameworks
  • Quantifying Patient Preferences


Our HEOR services focus on data quality assessment, enhancing healthcare decision-making, leveraging real-world data, and improving patient safety and clinical care. Through extensive analysis of electronic medical records, we ensure data accuracy, inform evidence-based decisions, and drive improvements in healthcare services and patient outcomes.

  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Improving Healthcare Decision Making
  • Real-World Data Utilization
  • Enhancing Patient Safety and Clinical Care

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