Value Communication and Market Access in HEOR


Our services are tailored to navigate regulatory requirements, pricing negotiations, reimbursement processes, and formulary placement to optimize access to products.

Our goal is to articulate the clinical, economic, and patient-centered benefits of interventions, supporting informed decision-making and adoption by stakeholders such as healthcare providers, payers, patients, and policymakers.


Evidence Gap Analyses

We specialize in comprehensive evidence gathering, conducting thorough reviews to identify gaps and bolster data for successful commercialization. Our literature review expertise assesses current evidence landscapes, pinpointing areas for enhancement. We classify strengths and weaknesses, creating evidence grids to visualize gaps and prioritize data generation. Anlitiks develops strategic solutions to fortify evidence bases, supporting effective market access and value communication strategies for healthcare technologies and pharmaceutical products.

  • Comprehensive Evidence Gathering
  • Literature Review
  • Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Development of Evidence Grid
  • Support for Commercialization

Objection Handlers/FAQ’s

We specialize in equipping stakeholders with tools and knowledge to navigate objections and FAQs effectively. Our offerings include comprehensive guides, tailored training programs, and customized FAQs. We develop targeted messaging strategies and collateral materials to support value communication efforts, ensuring successful market access and reimbursement for healthcare products.

  • Development of Objection Handling Guides
  • Training Programs
  • Customized FAQ’s
  • Messaging and Communication Strategies
  • Collateral Findings

Transitional Payment/Reimbursement Support

We specialize in transitional payment solutions. Transitional payment models serve as temporary arrangements during the integration of new healthcare interventions into reimbursement systems. We facilitate negotiated agreements between stakeholders, ensuring interim reimbursement rates while further evidence is gathered.

Additionally, our reimbursement support services are designed to streamline the reimbursement process for healthcare interventions. From health economic evidence generation to payer engagement and negotiation, we provide comprehensive assistance tailored to the needs of manufacturers, developers, and providers. Our goal is to secure coverage and facilitate sustainable market access for innovative healthcare solutions.

Branded Slide Decks

Our customized presentations are designed to convey vital information about healthcare interventions, products, or services in a visually captivating manner while maintaining brand consistency. These slide decks serve as powerful tools to educate and persuade various stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, payers, policymakers, and patients.

Through carefully curated content, we communicate clinical and health economic evidence, highlight value propositions, and outline market access strategies to drive adoption and reimbursement.

We understand the importance of compelling communication in shaping healthcare decision-making. Our branded slide decks are crafted to effectively convey the value and impact of healthcare interventions, ultimately facilitating their successful integration into clinical practice and reimbursement systems.

Factsheets, Brochures

We help create informative factsheets highlighting key features and benefits of healthcare products, designing detailed brochures to communicate value propositions effectively, transforming evidence into compelling narratives, developing communication strategies for targeted dissemination, and propagating evidence to showcase the value of interventions. Through our services, we help companies effectively communicate the benefits and evidence supporting their healthcare products or services to various stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

  • Development of Factsheets
  • Brochure Design
  • Value Narratives
  • Communication Strategy

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